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AttorneyEvery attorney needs a reliable resource for their investigation and surveillance needs. You need to know the answers to all of your questions before asking them at the deposition or trial. You need to know if your client is telling you the complete truth. You need to avoid surprises.

At Phase Four Investigations, we help you find the data you need involving insurance fraud claims, liability claims, and a full range of business crime investigations. Our highly-trained investigation staff has successfully helped resolve thousands of infidelity, divorce, child custody cases and commercial crimes. Based on your case needs, PFI investigators will conduct surveillance, gather background and profile data, locate assets, interview witnesses and obtain statements to ensure you have comprehensive and accurate information to win your case.

Some of the services we provide for attorneys include: Click Here click here to learn more


• Discovery and evidence gathering
• Witness location, missing person location, and other location services
• Witness interviews and statements
• Background checks and profile investigation
• Surveillance
• Fraud investigation
• Bank account search (disclosure of hidden assets)
• Identity theft investigation
• Record retrieval
• Judgment recovery
• Probate disputes
• Subpoenas, summons and complaints, garnishments, and other civil

Subpoenas, Summons and Complaints, Garnishments, and other Civil Process Services

AttorneyPFI is your resource, fully capable of handling your document processing needs in Wayne, Oakland and Macomb counties.

We specialize in finding those hard-to-locate individuals. We know human behavior and the steps people take to hide. We complement traditional investigative practices and skills developed over years of experience with modern technology.

PFI has joined forces with several State of Michigan court officers to form the largest group of process servers in Michigan offering next day, same day and rush services.

Although Phase Four Investigations is not a collection agency, we are routinely called upon to find hidden assets (including bank accounts, retirement accounts, and real estate), and to conduct personal and company background checks and profile investigations for open judgments.

Our agency works at discounted rates for attorneys handling cases involving the elderly, disabled, children, battered or abused women, and people being victimized by stalkers.


Win More Cases

AttorneyPhase Four investigators have assisted attorneys with some of their biggest trial cases. We are a one-stop-shop for all your legal and investigation needs.

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