Camera Systems


As part of a comprehensive security operation, Closed Circuit Television can be an additional deterrent against theft, fraud and vandalism. These systems can perform virtual patrol, enhancing the effectiveness of a physical security patrol. They never get sick or take time off. However, their ability to protect is dependent on a number of factors. The type of equipment, its features and capabilities as well as its intended purpose, all effect the ability of this technology to contribute to your security and safety.

To ensure that you get the system you want and need, PFI staff will help you identify the intended purpose of your system and what features you want. Simple things, such as being able to identify someone, or being able to review something that has happened three weeks ago  is important to system design and specification. Other issues involve lighting, positioning and what you want to see, and when you want to see it are also important. Other questions involve the type of technology you want.

Whether you are using existing cameras in a system upgrade, installing a new digital system or an IP CCTV system, we are available to help. Our objective is to provide to you a system that is designed for the protection you need, is user friendly, durable and at a reasonable cost. We focus on quality equipment for the small or medium-sized system, in addition to serving the larger security operation.

Hidden Cameras

Covert camera equipment is also a specialty of ours. Whether you want to monitor your nanny’s behavior around your child, the actions of the occasional babysitter, or what your employees are doing when you aren’t there, we have a system that will suit your needs. Our CCTV systems function well for the home owner and the business owner. The covert systems can be wireless, hard-wired or an all-in-one compact device. Some can even allow you to look in via the web and check up on activity. We will help you define what equipment you need. From Teddy Bear cameras to clock cameras, we have something that will suit your needs.

Even as a do-it-yourself type, we are more than happy to help. If you don’t know what you need, call us for a free consultation and estimate. We will walk you through the design stage, identify the equipment you need for your objective, and provide you with a competitive price estimate. We will even guide you through the installation process.

Please visit one of our two Michigan retail locations, our online store, or contact PFI for assistance.