Domestic Investigations


DomesticWe know that the decision to investigate family related matters is an extremely difficult one. These investigations are very personal and sensitive, with an ever-present fear of the potential for embarrassment and betrayal. The information from such an investigation can be devastating, but so can the suspicion of wrongdoing or infidelity.

PFI investigators do not lose sight of these facts. Our investigations are conducted with discretion and sensitivity. Whether you need proof of infidelity or adultery, abuse or neglect, or have concerns about your children’s activities, you can rely on PFI to alleviate your stress and anxiety by getting the information you need. With our investigators, you never have to worry about confidentiality. We make no moral judgments, we adhere to a strict confidentiality agreement and will help you get to the bottom of your problem quickly and in a cost effective manner.

Preparing for Marriage?


How much do you really know about your future mate? All you have is what they tell you, and you can only believe it is the truth. In many cases, the true nature is discovered only after the marriage, when they are now living together. The following are actual situations in which new spouses have suddenly found that their mate has:

• A significant substance abuse problem
• A significant criminal record
• A history of violence and abuse
• Severe financial problems
• Several previous marriages
• Lied about their assets, profession and general history

Some of the services that Phase Four Investigations can provide, and that should be considered by those intending to marry include;

• Bride or Groom background investigations
• In-law background checks
• Marriage and divorce record checks
• Identity verification
• Property and asset discovery
• Professional license verification
• “Soft” Surveillance

Since so many marriages end in divorce, this simple investigation can offer peace of mind and allow marriages to progress without unexpected surprises by deceptive and misleading potential mates.

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  1. Hard to get commitments for short-term future plans.
  2. You can only call at certain times.
  3. You’ve never been invited to his home.
  4. Never wants to meet or spend time with your friends.
  5. Avoids contact with your family.
  6. Is always “too tired” to go out.
  7. Vague about where they work or their schedule.
  8. Is only available to see you every other weekend.
  9. The way they speak does not match their claimed level of education.
  10. They claim they have a great job, but never seem to have money.
  11. Claims that they are awaiting a large inheritance or settlement from a lawsuit.
  12. They frequently borrow a “few” dollars from you.
  13. They frequently ask you to drive or to use your car.
  14. They get abnormally upset when photographs are taken of him or her.
  15. Claims they work for or formerly worked for the CIA, FBI or some similarly secretive organization.


Spousal Infidelity


The mere thought of an unfaithful spouse is painful enough, but the stress and anxiety caused by unconfirmed suspicion can be emotionally and physically devastating. The indecision caused by not knowing the truth leaves you with your life in a suspended state. You don’t know what to do! That’s where PFI can help!

PFI investigators know the stress that suspicions place on a relationship, and the paralysis caused by not knowing the truth. We deal with these issues on a daily basis. We have revealed the truth to many clients, providing photographs, and video to prove that a spouse was or was not cheating. Once the truth is known, you can shake off the paralysis and begin living your life anew.

It doesn’t cost anything to talk to us. We won’t judge you or the situation you are in. If you want to move forward, we will explain our investigative process, gather information from you and plan the investigation with you. We will get to the truth.

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  1. Your spouse seems bored with you, with work, with the kids, with hobbies or life in general.
  2. There is considerably less intimacy in your relationship or your sex life is practically non-existent.
  3. It may be hard to get a spouse to communicate with you. 
  4. Your spouse gets very defensive if you mention infidelity or affairs.
  5. Your spouse is dressing nicer, looking nicer than usual. 
  6. You see charges on credit card statements that don't make sense. 
  7. Your spouse lies about a variety of things. 
  8. Your spouse doesn't want to do anything or go anywhere with you anymore. 
  9. Your spouse tries to avoid you or tries to start an argument. 
  10. Your spouse hides their cell phone bill or receives calls late at night. 
  11. Your spouse makes late night trips to the store, to walk the dog, or to use the phone. 
  12. Your spouse suddenly starts working late and on weekends. 
  13. Your spouse's clothes smell of cologne or perfume, that isn’t yours.




DomesticCustody disputes, child support, neglect and abuse are serious and complicated issues.

The lack of child support, false allegations of neglect and abuse have a devastating effect on the family and children, but if your suspicions are correct, the physical and emotional effect on the child leaves a lifetime of damage. Our investigators know that these cases must be handled with extreme discretion and sensitivity.

We recognize that children are precious and need to be protected from the petty and oftentimes cruel behavior of those who should be protecting them.

Whether it is investigating abuse, child support, neglect, custody related matters, or simply locating a “deadbeat parent” and hidden assets, PFI can help.

Defending the Defenseless

We believe in it and we do it. We have successfully investigated and helped attorneys with cases involving the elderly and disabled, children, battered and abused spouses, and people being victimized by stalkers.

We are relentless in our efforts to help those that cannot help themselves.

When you have domestic investigation needs, Phase Four Investigations will deliver the detailed reports, photographic, or video graphic evidence you need for your peace of mind or to make an informed decision to take the necessary actions.

We work with all law firms and will support your legal team with your case.