Background Checks and Evidence Gathering

Phase 4 Investigations will collect, decipher, and organize the information you need for pre-marital checks, property searches, background checks and other investigations. We use warrants, vehicle records, deeds, and other public records to present you with comprehensive, detailed reports from our investigation.

The increasingly complex Human Resources related matters have the potential of placing a company at risk.  Criminal Background Checks and Pre-Employment Screening are critical elements of the hiring process requiring a great deal of time and knowledge.  Hiring mistakes can seriously impact your business and the responsibilities of Pre-Employment Background Checks can overwhelm your Human Resources Department.  By contracting with us, you can concentrate on the revenue-producing side of operations, while being assured that your pre-screening needs are being met. If you are concerned about where your money is going, or you’re simply looking for quality information, contact Phase 4 Backgrounds or register on our site to receive your log-in information and conduct your own background checks today.


On-Line Backgrounds and Pre-Employment Screening Services

Our on-line services offer a wide variety of real time searches for you to obtain the information you need. Some searches are instantaneous, providing the records almost immediately.

To start using our services on-line Log in and set up your account, you are only charged for the searches you conduct and there is never a processing fee or any other membership fees charged.   

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Background Checks Click Here click here to learn more


Some of the personal background checks we can provide you with include:

  • Pre-employment, pre-marital, and other background checks
• Social Security Number, unlisted phone number, and other location searches
• Identity theft investigation
• Criminal conviction history check
• Driving records and DUI convictions
• Professional license search

Data and Records Research Click Here click here to learn more


Some of the data and records research we can conduct for you include:

  • Court record check
• Asset investigation
• Property search
• Registered vehicle check
• Stock, bond, and mutual fund data
• Identifying unlisted phone numbers
• Cell phone records
• E-Mail tracing
• Driver and Criminal records
• Online infidelity
• Employment location

It is important to understand that the term “background check” is extremely generic.  Each background check is different and the depth is nearly limitless.  We do much more than collect and sort data. Our information services staff has extensive experience in the areas of skip tracing, record retrieval, and background information. They know what data to look for, where to find it quickly, and how to filter relevant data from "noise".