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SecurityThe development of security operations at many companies is crisis driven, leaving the organization with security measures designed to address individual problems. As a result, security policies, procedures, systems and manpower are not integrated and do not operate in a comprehensive fashion. In some situations, no consideration has been given to a number of existing or impending security threats, such as overseas travel or proprietary information. Phase Four Investigations takes a business-oriented approach during our process to achieve realistic, cost-effective, and enduring solutions to security concerns.  Our initial approach involves a realistic assessment of your risks and vulnerabilities.

Our process includes a review of the following conditions.

• Facility Environment
• Business Environment
• Security Operations
• Business Operations
• Loss History
• Policies & Procedures
• Security Staffing & Training
• Security Systems Assessment and Evaluation


We work with company management to identify the actual risk exposures and vulnerabilities. Our solutions are prioritized based on the risk exposure level and provide the organization with a plan of action. We will build a comprehensive security operation that is integral to company operations and enhances profitability by minimizing loss exposures. We have the capability and experience to design a program for a single facility or multi-site operations. Some of the business environments we have serviced include healthcare facilities; industrial facilities; commercial buildings; field service operations; financial institutions and many more.

Whether you need expert assistance for a complete security program or for limited needs, Phase Four security consultants can meet your needs in areas such as:


Facility Security Management

Tight budgets and reduced revenues have left many organizations without a progressive security operation or security manager. In many of these situations, a non-security manager is assigned the responsibility for protective operations. In others, the contracted security guard company is charged with this responsibility, creating a conflict of interest. There are alternatives.

Consider how many times you hire outside expertise for financial, legal and operational situations. Your security operation should be no different. Through our Facility Security Manager (FSM) service, we can provide you the security expertise to develop your security program, fine-tune the operation, and maintain its integrity.

The FSM program provides an experienced security manager to provide the leadership, planning and management for security operations, on a long-term or short-term basis.

This cost-effective service is an effective and economical way to have your security operation either developed or refined by an experienced, qualified security professional. Once properly established, your security operation can be operationally maintained by one of your managers. An audit process and annual evaluation can be established to ensure the program is still operating as designed and adapting to changing conditions. Contract for only what you need; then start it, modify it and stop it when you like. The service is designed to fit your business needs.

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• Security Surveys/Audits
• Security Awareness Training
• Risk/Threat Assessments
• Security Guard Training
• Security Guard Service Contracting
• Travel Security Training
• Policy & Procedure Development
• Crisis Response
• Executive Protection Planning/Training
• Workplace Violence Training/Response

Equipment Acquisition/Installation Project Management CCTV , Access Control, Alarm Systems

PFI will customize a Facility Security Manager program to fit your needs, and your budget.

Contracting Services

When contracting for guard services or equipment installation, many companies have had the unpleasant experience of signing a bad agreement. Many companies that have called us in after the fact, have been overcharged for equipment; have received inadequate security guards; have improper installation of equipment; and in some cases, the equipment does not fit their needs. Many times, based on the agreement they have signed, they have no means to correct the situation. The following are some examples of what we have found.

• The cost of the equipment is double to triple the actual cost.
• The time for installation is exaggerated, resulting in twice the actual cost.
• The leased system is, in reality, a rental.
• Simply signing a service order renews the lease agreement for additional years.
• Security personnel are paid at less than half the billing rate.
• Security personnel are not adequately screened or properly trained.

The experience of the PFI team, coupled with the knowledge of how these service providers operate can ensure that you get exactly what you need and want. We can design your system, write your Request for Proposal, help in the selection process, and supervise an installation or transition to a new service. In many cases, the amount of money, time, stress and aggravation we have saved our clients has more than paid for our services.

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