Surveillance Services

While a common technique of investigative work, Surveillance is often overused by investigators and misunderstood by their clients. It is a very expensive method, and frequently yields little productive information evidence. The PFI has long recognized this inherent problem.

A proper surveillance entails more than just the ability to watch and observe. Positioning, fitting in with the environment, timing and human behavior are all matters that must be considered. As a result, we evaluate each case to:

  • Determine if and when surveillance is most appropriate.
• Survey the possible surveillance area(s) for feasibility.
• Identify which investigators to use and how many to assign.
• Identify what equipment and materials will be needed.


By complementing the information provided by the client with our developed Surveillanceinformation and analysis, we will conduct the surveillance to provide the best possible outcome. Once completed, we provide video and photographic evidence, when available, linked to investigator logs and reports, so the client can visualize the events as they unfold. In addition, we stay in contact with our clients to keep them informed and to stay on budget.


Example 1

After several unsuccessful attempts to develop evidence by other investigators, the client called PFI regarding a worker’s comp case in which the claimant stated he could not work due to a back injury. PFI investigators learned that the subject was an avid deer hunter. When the season opened, our investigator followed the claimant one weekend and was able to obtain video evidence of the claimant dragging a deer from the woods and lifting it onto his vehicle.

Afterwards, the subject was followed to a local bar, where he freely spoke to the investigator about his good luck in the hunt, all of which was documented in a report provided to the client.


Example 2

A husband suspected that his new wife was having an affair. Shortly after the marriage, the wife started a new job and within a short period of time, received a promotion. She soon began buying new clothes, of a style that was more revealing than what she normally would wear. Their level of intimacy declined which she justified by stating that her new job was very demanding and she was too tired. When he was unable to reach her at her office or on her cell phone after hours, she justified it by saying she was in meetings or on other calls.

PFI was retained to conduct a surveillance and confirmed the husband’s suspicions. She was photographed and videotaped meeting another individual at a local motel. The video and photographs caught the two passionately kissing at the door of the motel room. Further investigation revealed that the two were at the motel twice a week on average, and the companion was an employee at the same company.


Example 3

The parents of a young man hired the PFI to provide background information on their divorced son’s fiance’. The young woman was very attractive and polite. Their suspicions were aroused when their son was allowing the fiance’ to drive his sports car while he drove her older model sedan. The car was his pride and joy. They became more suspicious when she told them that she was in the entertainment industry, but would not elaborate. Having concerns for the son and their grandchildren, they asked PFI to develop more information. PFI Investigators, having only a name and the license plate from the sedan, were able to discover the woman’s real name, and determined that she had lost custody of her child from a previous marriage. She had a prior criminal record for controlled substance violations and was currently working as a dancer at a “Gentleman’s Club.” She was also followed to another club in the company of another man, at which she was observed and photographed passionately kissing him. In addition, it was also determined that she was residing with another man, as more than simply a roommate.  


While we can’t guarantee these results in every case, you can be assured that Phase Four Investigations will exert similar efforts to obtain the evidence you need.

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